Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi cannot be taught, it can only learn.
The teacher often said that we do not study Taiji, and remember it. Taiji is not somewhere apart from and outside of me. If I don't notice his presence, it is only because tai Chi is something basic, natural, and rooted in me.
Taiji is myself. Taiji — 100% of my personal time. This is when I am closest to myself.

The hardest part — to feel it and be aware, to dispel the illusion of the "external" "stranger" in Taiji you need to be in constant search for not to allow the momentum of the interest to fade.
I never get bored to do the form. Form is never the same. Even if you do it in the 1001st time. The one who does tai Chi and does it with interest, never bored, never.
I think that is what is important — constantly to have a direct, even somewhat banal, the basic sense.

In conclusion, in a nutshell about the effect of tai Chi:
Taiji refers gratefully to those who cultivates it in himself.
Disrespect, responding to disrespect.
Love on love.
Patience on patience.