The philosophy of the stone

In nature there is a huge amount of minerals, a variety of color, form, game. Can you relate to this, but I am absolutely sure that the stones are our helpers in life. Help someone more, someone less.

Find your stone is not less important than to decide on your clothing style and lifestyle. Finding your stone, man begins to feel his energy, his strength, his influence on the life. How to find the most coveted mineral, how to allocate it among the rich diversity? The modern speed of life don't often get time to look inside yourself and listen.

And then the stones help. Yes, the stones begin to "call" people and they begin to look for them. To search for these specific stones. And search is not associated with the reading of books on astrology in which you recommend 50 different stones of the same sign. And connected by the thin, elusive, inexplicable thread satanovskaya between the stone and its future owner.