About the Creator of the brand

The concept of jewelry home Jewelry Oleg Ivanov was born inside the restoration workshop of one of the first private antique shops in Nizhny Novgorod, which belonged to my parents. It was there, touching the excellent work of past masters, we decided to create jewels that, by their artistic quality is no inferior to the old.

The study of the history of jewelry art, many years of painstaking work of restoration of antique jewelry and our hot enthusiasm for the new concept led to the creation of the collections, occupies a special place in the Russian jewelry market.

Perfection is in the details, the elegance of lines, the harmony of stone and metal are the three pillars on which rests the brand.

The main source of inspiration for me and my team was and still is Nature. In our products the richness of flora and fauna are depicted in all stages, summer flowering, autumn fading, winter sleep and spring awakening.

Based on aesthetics Oleg Ivanov Jewelry exquisite blend of European school of art Nouveau and art Deco, the motives of the Russian jewelry school of the early 20th century, the mystique of Oriental jewelry traditions.

A considerable role here is played by my fascination with Daoist culture: martial arts, Chinese painting and language, the study of philosophical works.

We strive to create jewelry out of time, which retain their relevance and appeal, regardless of the vagaries of fashion. In each of them invested positive energy of the Creator, and sincere love for his work.

I'm sure the owner of jewelry Oleg Ivanov Jewelry not only receives from them vivid emotions, but also decorates them your personal story.